social media-marketing nassau-county-ny7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Social media only cropped up and became popular in the last few years. Yet once the companies caught on, it started to really blow up. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, and many more have become unlikely magnets for companies who wish to increase their presence and drive traffic. After all, it’s all connected in one way on the Internet, and more revenue and more potential customers is nothing to sneer at.

Why take advantage of social media when it comes to your company? Well, if you want to be a successful company you absolutely need to take full advantage of the venues in front of you and the ways of the modern world. Advertising is changing, and so is the way we spend our time and run our lives. You need something that’s going to go a little further and tap into the way business and focus is shifting. We put together a list of seven reasons why your business likely needs social media marketing. Every company has a marketing division and a certain amount of social media savvy, but are you really maximizing everything you can do?

We ‘re here to help you find out and put together a few reasons to help you see just how you can develop your social media game. Every major company is doing it; you don’t want to be left behind. Maybe a few years ago companies were dragging their feet when it came to creating a Twitter. Now everyone sees the value of it and it’s a world converted to social media’s benefits. Read up and see just why you should incorporate social media marketing into your business if you want to get ahead. Social media marketing is the wave of the future!

1. You Drive Targeted Traffic

When you create any content that is posted to social media, it gets eyes on it. The benefit of this when companies do it as opposed to an individual is that it actually gets people to click on the link that is contained and you will actually get targeted traffic. This means that you will actually get people who are interested in the brand, the product, or the content actually following up and wanting to know more about various aspects of it. With links on social forum sites such as Reddit and viral photos on Instagram accounts get people interested in what’s being said, you draw attention and get the benefit of driving targeted traffic, something very valuable.

2. Social Media Boosts SEO

SEO is search engine optimization, and it helps with your ranking. that means when people search a name or certain keywords in a search engine site such as Google, your page may come up quicker and direct people to it, thus getting you more visitors, interest, and traffic and even sales. Traffic is everything in the days of Internet sales, and so having a decent SEO strategy is absolutely key. This will help you get top search engine ranking spots and drive traffic to optimized pages to keep them going up in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can really see the difference once you’re higher up, but if you think that this doesn’t impact success, profit and sales, you’re not doing it right.
3. Relationship Building

Social media is a way for businesses to reach out to their customers. They can offer them great deals and discounts that make following and paying attention to their account worthwhile, and the effort is never wasted. Companies make a huge amount of additional revenue from sales being advertised through social media and driving additional traffic. Without the message, no one would have known about it, but social media is the perfect way to get the info out to the masses and generate massive amounts of interest and engagement that would not normally be there. In addition, companies can address customers’ concerns and build their brand, giving updates, advertising, and even doing free giveaways.

In fact, many people become fans of a business of brand because they do offer up so much value to their customers. A number of people like and stay following certain companies on platforms such has Facebook thanks to that many great deals and offers. With that kind of money being saved, who wouldn’t? Companies build relationships that pay off later. People really like the chance to engage with a business and even get questions answered in a timely fashion. Just don’t ignore customers’ concerns and questions– that could be a disaster.
4. Social Media Ads Are Great

Social media ads are a great way to help yourself get out to a wide variety of people. People of all ages are on social media now after all, and they really can occasionally be interested in what a company is selling or saying on social media. It won’t be everyone, but it’s the equivalent of showing up to the busiest party in the city and yelling at everyone a message. Sooner or later, odds are one person will hear you.
5. It’s Effective and Cheaper

Cheaper still than paying an ad company to represent you or going to tv or radio to run your ads is to go to social media. You just need one person or a small team to run your accounts and you are good to go. It helps to have some help in this department, so if you have the extra person on staff to do it, great. If not you may need to hire someone. It’s just cheaper to do it that way.
6. It’s Great Exposure

Exposure is everything in ads and you can’t let it go to waste. People cannot go to your site or know about you if they never ever hear about you. That’s precisely why it’s so important to get your message out and to go to social media in particular to do it. It’s like the red carpet… you really can’t beat it.
7. Linkage

Links to your site and links to what you do are everything to a brand. You can easily build a customer following if they are able to quickly go to your site or shop and see what you do. They can easily support you and they get to follow up on their instinct to know more. You have to reel them in while they’re biting, and social media can definitely help you reel in a few more customers.