Bring Your Brand to Instagram: The Top 8 Reasons Why

Everyone who’s been using social media for a while knows that the social media marketing is on the rise– and has been for quite some time. Instagram has gone from being a trendy site and app that allows users to share and post photos of their cat, their hike, their friends, and essentially their lives to all that and a booming business besides. So it’s no wonder that businesses are jumping at the opportunity to promote themselves on this site.

So, why should business owners bring their brand to Instagram? We’ve brought you the top reasons we think why– because sometimes, only five simply isn’t enough.


1. People Use Instagram a Lot
There are tons of people using Instagram, and more than that, they’re actually spending more time on it. That’s right, Instagram pulls more attention than Facebook does. Users in the United States spend about 12 billion minutes and up on the site every month, according to research gleaned by comScore. This means that Instagram is the perfect niche to advertise– you’ll get views no matter what.

2. Easy, Image-Generated Advertising
Visual content is huge, as you may have guessed from a site that relies solely on photographs and captions to go along with them. Plus, it’s been shown that people pay more attention to images than text, and absorb more. You can add text to photos, but no matter what you do, posting a photo on your account advertising your business is easy and the image-generated advertising aspect works, point blank. So go ahead. Post your first photo.

3. Not Every Business Is On Instagram (Yet)
In fact, it’s still early days for businesses on Instagram. About 9% of small businesses in the U.S. are currently using the site for this purpose, which means that small businesses can get a leg up on the competition by getting in there now. You’ll be reaching an entire market that your competitors aren’t, which is always good for business. You’ll be able to establish your brand and get more followers than ever.

4. Instagram Lends Itself to Shopping
Believe it or not, referrals from Instagram consistently lead to shopping. Not only that, the purchases made have an average order of $65, according to Shopify. What does this mean? The people that shop online at your site are likely to spend more money. Ca-ching!

5. No Filter (Feed)
While you’re likely to find tons of the classic filters that Instagram offers to use on your photos, one filter is notably absent– the filter feed. Your Instagram post will show up to every single user (unlike Facebook), meaning more views and more exposure.

6. It’s Engaging
Instagram is popular because people love photos! A picture tells a thousand words, and so it should come as no surprise that this SM platform is super engaging with users. That’s always good for business.

7. Other People Can Find You
Just by searching for a few keywords, people can find your posts! That means they can follow you and see every post you share from now on. If you’re a small bakery that ships muffins, for example, you can add keywords like muffins, baking, and happiness to your post. When people search those terms, your posts and profile will pop up. You can gain attention without even trying!

8. It’s Great for Sharing
It’s all too easy to share on Instagram. Users who like your posts can share easily on their smart phones and it’s easy for you to share a post as well. This site makes sharing easy, making it easier for others to find you. Now that’s good marketing.